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Turbo Floss™ Portable Water Flosser

Turbo Floss™ Portable Water Flosser

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Too Much Trouble To Floss On The Go?

Turbo Floss™ is cordless, hand held and fully portable.

This small but mighty powerhouse is like a water cannon for your teeth - blasting away food particles, plaque and bacteria that cause bad breath and gum disease

The History of Water Flosser - Relish

Say Goodbye to stubborn plaque and minty fresh breath in a flash!  Small but powerful, this water flosser goes everywhere you go!

You control how you clean!  There are 3 pressure settings: Standard for a gentle cleanse, Strong (TURBO) for extra deep cleaning, and Pulse for a spa-like gum massage. Your smile deserves the royal treatment!"

Fantastic for people with braces or dental work!  The different dentist-styled attachments make make it easy to clean stubborn debris out of your teeth without damaging delicate oral hardware.  And, because it's portable you can make sure you're teeth are spotless anywhere! 

Turbo Floss ™ water flosser is full body waterproof with a large water tank that it's not only easy to fill but it's also easy to clean. 

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