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Cyclone Brush Cleaner

Cyclone Brush Cleaner

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Dirty Makeup Brushes Cause Acne and other skin irritations!

The best way to avoid that is to clean your makeup brushes regularly.  But the old way of doing it is a pain.  So try the Cyclone Brush Cleaner!
This electric makeup brush cleaner features a visual body that allows you to see the cleaning process clearly, and the gentle water spin cleaning does not damage the bristles, and you can clean multiple makeup brushes at once.
With sonic vibration for deep cleaning, it easily strips away dirt and ground in makeup.

So simple to use!  Add water, a few drops of brush cleaning solution, insert makeup brushes into the holder and start cleaning! The holder is even great for standing your brushed upright to dry. Easy charging with USB

Perfect for size makeup brushes, thick or thin handled.  








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