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Go-Go Clean™ Car Vacuum

Go-Go Clean™ Car Vacuum

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Is Your Car A Rolling Mess?

 Kids, dogs, road trips...they all make messes that are hard to clean.  
And using a full size vacuum?  Forget about it!  
Go-Go Clean™ Cordless, rechargeable mini vacuum will make clean up a breeze!
Comes with washable, reusable filters

Super power in a small vacuum. Perfect for cars, RV's, campers and all your outdoor activities.   

Lightweight, hand held and USB rechargeable, this little powerhouse is ready to clean whatever your road trip can dish out!

The easily interchangeable attachments makes cleaning whatever messes you've got - a quick and painless task!
Crumbs in the seats?  Dust in the air vents? No problem! 
USB rechargeable, lightweight and perfect for your camper, rv, mini-van or anywhere there are messes you want clean!

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