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HandyDisk™ Hand Dryer

HandyDisk™ Hand Dryer

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Tired of Soggy Towels?

In the guest bath, kitchen or anywhere there is a lot of hand washing, it's hard to keep a clean dry towel available.
They get dirty, damp and they often don't stay where you put them
Paper towels are expensive and not great for the environment

Your solution? 

This amazing Chenille handydisk!
Super absorbent chenille covers a large, thirsty sponge for the ultimate in quick hand drying.  It dries quickly too since the fibers are made to wick away moisture. 
The lightweight sponge is small but mighty!  It can absorb water, dry quickly and hang almost anywhere for quick access. 

The perfect solution for small bathrooms, smaller kitchens or hang them lower in children's areas so they can get into the habit of washing their hands and drying them completely with this fluffy helper!

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