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Pet Puff™

Pet Puff™

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Your Sweet Pet Deserves A Place To Cuddle!

Animals love to be tucked in somewhere where they feel secure.  It's their nature to want to be in a warm place with adequate cover.  Some beds are warm, but do they make your pup or kitty feel secure?  Enter the Pet Puff™!
Pet Puff™ comes in two sizes: 40x40 cm (approximately 15.75in x 15.75in) and a 50x50cm (approximately 19.68in x 19.68in) and is a comfy and warm bed for most small pets.
The bed's non-skid bottom helps the bed stay put on hard surfaces and offers a layer of protection for your floors - in case your sweetie has an accident. 

 You can't keep them with you all of the time, so give them a warm, comforting place to get cozy!

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