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The Complete Anti-Inflammatory Diet for beginners

The Complete Anti-Inflammatory Diet for beginners

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Inflammation is the enemy!

We now know, through science that inflammation is the root cause of so many diseases that we once thought we just luck of the draw.  From high blood pressure and diabetes all the way to cancer - fighting inflammation should be on everyone's to-do list.

This comprehensive guidebook takes you step-by-step through the science behind inflammation, how it affects your body, and most importantly, how to reduce it through simple dietary changes.

With 100 delicious recipes and meal plans tailored to your unique needs, the Anti-Inflammatory Diet makes it easy to say goodbye to processed foods and hello to whole, nourishing ingredients that heal your body from the inside out.

Inside, you'll find:

  • An overview of the science behind inflammation and its impact on your health
  • A step-by-step guide to adopting the Anti-Inflammatory Diet
  • Delicious and easy-to-follow recipes for every meal
  • Customizable meal plans to suit your dietary preferences
  • Tips for dining out and traveling while staying on track
  • Strategies for maintaining your new lifestyle for long-term health benefits 

Languages: English

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